Linux Learning Made Simple

Having a rough time learning linux? Brighten up your day with this fun and easy to follow guide that teaches you the basics of linux.

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Different Distros

Our talks cover the variety of different linux distributions and what makes each one of them unique. Figure out which flavor of linux fits you.

Common Commands

We have a large index of common commands used to accomplish tasks you may run in to when working with Linux. Get the basics down here.

Server Setup

Are you looking to set up a web server, and don't know where to start? Learning with a GUI can be limiting. Learn via command line instead!

A brief history of linux. (By Tux)

A timeline covering the history of the responsive and fast Operating System, Linux.

Clever & Caring Community

For every flavor of linux, there is a tight community always willing to help new users. Due to linux being an open source operating system, the only way linux can progress and become stronger is if it also has a strong community behind it. For every update on different distros, patches done, and changes made, there is a person/group tirelessly working, and most likely for free or at the hands of dontations.

Classy & Customizable

Linux is enjoyable for quite a lot of users, due to how customizable it is. You can utilize linux on a web server, or at home on your desktop. Whatever environment you decide to run linux on, you have full disposal to be able to change, alter, or update your environment however you want. You can even create your own flavor of linux if you would like, called 'Linux from Scratch'!