Command: useradd (Add a new user)

useradd is an easy command to use to add new users.

The above example shows how tux created a new user called 'newuser' By default, using this command, it does not prompt you to add a password to the user, so see the following command to add a password on.

Command: passwd (Create/Update password for users)

mkdir is a great command to use when you are needing to create a new directory. Here is an example below on using the mkdir command:

The above example shows how tux changes the password for 'newuser'. Once he types in this command, a question will prompt tux to create a new password, then to verify the password a second time.

Command: id (Find a user's ID)

id is a command to find the UID (User Identifier) of a particular user in Linux. This will come in handy on larger machines with thousands of users assigned to the server. Below will illustrate how tux finds the specific ID for a user.

The above example shows how tux finds the UID for the user 'newuser' The -u flag specifies that tux just wants to see the ID for 'newuser', and not the whole group.